Research Inverted Microscope

The fully-motorized IX83 and semi-motorized IX73 are designed to satisfy a vast array of research needs. With

additional modules providing expanded functionality, both microscopes enable a multitude of imaging techniques,

ranging from casual documentation to long-term time-lapse imaging and other demanding procedures. The unique open frame design of the IX3 provides ready access to the light path, making it easy to manipulate the light or bring in additional inputs. Deck modules can easily be exchanged on-the-fl y, enabling the user to add or remove functions as their experiments change. The IX3-ZDC2 module, with its own specialized deck, is available for IX83 systems to maintain continuous focus throughout extended time-lapse use. Regardless of whether the user is interested in acquiring large, 3D fl uorescent images or in capturing ultrafast dynamic processes in live cell samples, the improved effi ciency and reproducibility of the IX3 system makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of research applications.

Teaching Microscope

• Ergonomic grips add safety when retrieving the microscope from high places.

• Colored grips indicate appropriate places to hold the microscope.

• Smooth, rounded design eliminates all sharp edges.

• The CX23 is one of the lightest weight microscope in its class, with a total weight of approx. 5.9 kg (13.01 lbs).

• The CX23 features a carrying arm angled to keep the wrists in a comfortable, neutral position.

• The eyepiece can be fi xed in place to help prevent damage or loss when moved.

• A rackless stage and stage cover give safety and longtime operation.

•A locking pin keeps the observation tube in place.

•Interpupillary adjustment from 48 to 75 mm enables

personalized comfort for individual users.

•Adjustable eyepoint provides greater comfort for users of diff erent heights.

•Left and right diopter adjustment enable optimal focus for each eye.

Cell Culture Lab Solution

With improved image quality and easy handling, the Olympus CKX53

delivers stable performance and a more efficient cell culture process for

a variety of cell culture needs including live cell observation, cell sampling

and handling, image capture, and fluorescence observation.

Live Cell Observation

Acquire clear, reproducible, and high contrast images with a wide visual

field, made possible by the CKX53’s long-life LED and iPC system. Additionally, the newly developed inversion contrast (IVC) technique provides clear three-dimensional views.

Cell Sampling and Handling

CKX53 offers easier and more efficient cell sampling and handling in a clean bench environment, because of its small size and lightweight design. The user-oriented design and simple operation of the holder and manual stage maximize performance and usability.

Image Capture

Equipped with a standardized camera port, the CKX53 can be optionally

paired with an Olympus camera, allowing users to quickly obtain clear images

in brightfield illumination, phase contrast, newly developed inversion contrast, and fluorescence imaging modes.

Fluorescence Observation

During fluorescence observation with the CKX53, a wide range of fluorescence

dyes can be used by changing the mirror unit. With the increased filtering ability of the fluorescence mirror units, high contrast fluorescence images with

a high S/N ratio can be reliably obtained even when fluorescence is relatively

weak. Additionally, with the aid of the CKX53's 100W mercury lamp, clear and

bright fluorescence observation is enabled.