Biosafety Cabinets

You deserve a quality and robust Biological Safety Cabinet every time you sit down to work. Every NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet goes through a series of quality assurance checks before it reaches your laboratory. As your product moves through the assembly plant, each work station double checks the work of the previous station, filters are triplechecked, and biological tests are constantly being performed under dynamic conditions to ensure maximum safety. Each cabinet is built to order for your application. It is as

simple as including an additional service valve or as complex as developing the interior to fit a specific piece of machinery. Our local sales representatives are the best in the industry. They assist with product selection, review built-in options and

accessories, discuss pricing, offer installation guidance, and provide support over the life of your NuAire product.

Freezers -86°

NuAire Glacier -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezers are developed

for reliable storage conditions of research samples for laboratories,

hospitals, repositories and more. Through research and development, a

new focus has been placed on Glacier’s refrigeration system, controls,  alarms/monitoring, ergonomics, construction and energy efficient

operation to make Glacier Freezers the reliable solution for long-term

storage of cancer cells, stem cells, cord blood, T-cells, organ/tissue and

other samples.

CO2 Incubators

In-VitroCell ES (Energy Saver) CO2 Incubators are designed to provide a reliable controlled in-vitro environment for

optimum tissue cell culture growth as well as the storage and preservation of gametes and animal tissue cell cultures intended

for research at or near body temperature. In-VitroCell CO2 Incubators provides accurate and precise control of humidity,

temperature, CO2, and sterility.

Fume Hoods

Setting the Standard

in the most demanding environments NuAire offers a wide variety of polypropylene laboratory furniture and equipment. Products include the FumeGard vertical laminar airflow fume hoods, FumeGard conventional and by-pass fume hoods, FumeGard base cabinets, FumeGard acid storage cabinets and a full line of polypropylene casework. All FumeGard hoods are

available in nominal 4, 5, 6, and 8 foot lengths; and 24” (610 mm) or 30” (762 mm) work surface depths. NuAire Polypropylene products are the ideal solution to meet your requirements. They have a proven performance record in a wide range of market



• Chemical Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Material Science

• Environmental Toxic Analysis

• Analytical Chemistry

• Metallurgy

• Water Treatment Facilities

• Toxicology

• Trace Metal Analysis

• Marine Science

• Waste Management

• Soil Science

• Semiconductor