Ovens & Incubators

Heating and Drying Ovens

Drying, heating, ageing, testing, sterilising, burning-in, curing, storing.

In 1947 the first ever Memmert oven, a hot air steriliser, was built for the Red Cross. Ever since then, the Memmert range

of heating and drying ovens has grown into a versatile line-up of extremely precise and reliable high quality temperature

control appliances.

Designed to make the lab staff’s day-to-day work easier and more efficient, Memmert heating and drying ovens offer the

utmost level of user friendliness. From material testing labs to electronic production, from fire brigades to opera houses,

from pharmaceutical research to hospitals, these state-of-the-art ovens connect to the world.

Water Baths

Waterbaths and Oilbaths

Memmert’s evergreens: uniquely precise and reliable.

Ever since Memmert started its waterbath production in the 1960’s, the continuous development of modern control

technology as well as various safety features have made waterbaths and oilbaths pillars of the Memmert product range.

Due to their unparalleled precision, they are perfectly suited for demanding applications in quality management

and science.

Working with below ambient temperatures is easy with the space-saving Peltier cooling unit CDP115. It fits on all

Memmert waterbath sizes, is environmentally friendly and precisely controllable down to ±0.1 K.