Pure Lab Option

PURELAB Option systems from ELGA are the very best solution for producing general laboratory grade water from a potable supply. They offer a wide range of flow-rates to suit your needs, advanced purification technologies to provide pure water on demand, plus microprocessor control for consistent quality. With applications ranging from glassware washing and the feeding of ultra-pure water systems to cell culture and media

preparation, the PURELAB Option is the essential water purification system that no laboratory should be without.

Pure Lab Flex

Your laboratory water specialists

ELGA has been a trusted name in water purification for

over 50 years, pioneering innovative technologies and

award winning product design for our customers. Part

of the world’s leading water services company Veolia

Water Solutions and Technologies, ELGA have the most

comprehensive range of water purification systems

available today for laboratory research, healthcare and


Water is the most common reagent used in today’s

laboratories for research and testing applications and

we understand how important accurate consistent test

results are. The PURELAB flex range is designed around

your needs, delivering accuracy, flexibility and ease of

use with an innovative and ergonomic design.